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    9 Home Decor Gifts To Please The Fussiest Recipients

    August 17, 2021 4 min read

    Whether it's something for their birthday, a cheer-up surprise, a housewarming treat or a Christmas present, it's always a relief to have gift ideas up your sleeve so you're not wracking your brains at the last minute for a perfect prezzie.

    Here's 9 home decor gift ideas and who they'd thrill, in particular.

    Lava lamp

    Got a pre-teen or teenage relative or twentysomething coworker who's a bit fashionably blase about the world?

    Hypnotise them with a groovy lava lamp that dates back to 60s home decor style.

    Austin Powers knew a thing or two about seducing women. Perhaps this is the perfect gift for your kidadult kitting out his or her lair!

    Those swirling globs of hot wax make endlessly entertaining patterns - and who knows, you might get them to look up from their devices for a change.

    David  vase

    This is of course, the obvious choice gift option for those with Italian heritage, and for the Grand European Tour travel afficionados mourning the temporary pause on overseas holidays.

    However, this white resin Michelangelo David vase is also going to appeal to those who prefer to decorate in monochromatic tones as well as those who fancy they have an interest in the classical arts.

    Let's face it, the vase looks just as stunning whether David has florals or foliage, or not.

    And it could make a sweetly humorous gag gift for anyone you know named David.

    Gingerbread house kit

    Whether they're a grandparent, parent, sibling, friend, coworker or neighbour, most people want their kids to exercise some creativity and what could be more fun - and delicious - than putting together a gingerbread house?

    The DIY gingerbread house kit includes the gingerbread house slabs, roof, royal icing piping bag and three packets of lollies as well as step-by-step instructions to put it together.

    This could become a charming family tradition - or a much-needed respite for an hour or so while the kids make an edible festive treat.

    Perhaps of course, until they eat it...

    Coral bookends

    Bookends aren't typically something that many people buy for themselves.

    However, bookends are not only practical in holding your books safely together, but they also, if carefully selected, indicate their recipient's chosen decorative style.

    Navy coral bookends exist as a thoughtful gift option for those with a Hamptons-style sensibility while our white coral bookends are ideal for your boho beachhouse owning friends.

    And hey, they're a lovely, unexpected but entirely appropriate, present for book-lovers too.

    Ginger jar print cushion covers

    Ginger jars are a stalwart objet d'art of Hamptons-style decorators but they're also quite expensive.

    If your gift budget is more modest, you might like to delight them with a set of three 45cm square ginger jar cushion covers.

    It's such a simple way to extend the Hamptons decorating theme into say, the study or guest bedroom, or to add some extra pizzazz to patio chairs.

    And because they're lightweight, they make a terrific gift to mail to your interstate sister-in-law or to pack in your overnight bag as a little thank you gift for your hosts.

    Illuminated cupcake tier stand

    Who's the host/ess with the most/est?

    Everyone knows a keen cook who loves to cook up a storm when it comes to entertaining.

    So why not give them somewhere to display their treats - sweet or savoury - with our fairy lit four-tier perspex stand?

    It makes grazing tables look that more special and adds plenty of oohs and ahhs to the occasion for that birthday girl or boy. 

    There really are so many ways entertainers can use these!

    Perspex drawer handles

    Everyone has a buddy who's forever rescuing and restoring unloved furniture from garage sales, the pavement or from Gumtree.

    All that sanding and varnishing and painting to restore it to its former - or better - glory - but they're still going to need drawer handles.

    And this is where you come to the unexpected rescue!

    Glamorous and pleasingly long at 192mm between each screw hole, these 250mm long gold and clear lucite handles make any chest of drawers look that much more upscale and expensive.

    Silver mobile phone toilet roll holder

    Know someone - or their partner or adult child - who's always reading their phone on the toilet?

    Come on, be honest, who doesn't?!

    Make life a little easier for them with our silver mobile phone toilet roll holder big enough to hold the iPhone 11 model.

    It holds a regular roll of loo paper and it also features a flat stainless steel shelf with a safety lip to securely hold a mobile phone while they're um, doing their business.




    Handcut turquoise tumblers

    Whether it's your partner, Dad or brother(in-law), you'll likely know someone who prides themselves on their cocktail drink-making abilities.

    Or perhaps they're a giant whisky or gin fan or they just hanker after handcrafted items.

    So treat them to a pair of impressive handmade, handblown and handcarved diamond-patterned turquoise glasses to sip their finest whisky, gin or vodka at the end of the day.

    They look absolutely beautiful, feel pleasingly substantial to hold and are a joy to own.


    Amber light bulbs

    You might think giving someone a set of 6 x amber glass filament lightbulbs ranks as one of the most boring gifts ever.

    But did you know those settlement gift hampers given by real estate agents often include fancy lightbulbs? 

    Most people never treat themselves to designer lightbulbs but these are ideal for those who pride themselves on showcase lighting or owning upcycled industrial decor.

    A chandelier fashioned out of cheese graters, machine parts or bicycle spokes for example, with a set of plain old Edisons isn't going to cut it.

    Did you just have a lightbulb moment? Sorry, couldn't resist.