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    The Perfect Hamptons Style Box For Couriers and Dirty Shoes

    April 02, 2023 2 min read

    Do any these scenarios apply to your household?

    You already have a shoe shelf outside your front door but are looking for a nicer way to store dirty shoes.

    You, your partner, kids, teens and/or twentysomething adult children play AFL, soccer, hockey, baseball, softball, cricket, hockey, golf or other games on grass fields and come home with wet, grassy, muddy or dusty trainers, boots or shoes.

    You, your partner teens or twentysomething adult children work on building and industrial sites and come home with wet, grassy, muddy or dusty shoes.

    You, your partner, parents or friends love pottering in the garden and often have wet, grassy, muddy or dusty shoes.

    You've just had new carpet or other flooring laid down and don't want wet, grassy, muddy or dusty shoes tracking mess through your home.

    You, your partner or children have allergies and need to keep your wet, grassy, muddy, or dusty shoes outside.

    You, your partner, teens or twentysomething adult children often order purchases online and aren't always home to sign for the courier delivery.

    Many of your online purchases don't fit in your existing mailbox, as they're bigger than a shoebox.

    You get upset if you've missed the courier and they leave you an "Attempted to deliver" card which means you've got to collect it yourself from the post office or courier depot, or risk missing them on a redelivery.

    You have a porch, verandah or some space outside your front door.

    You like the Hamptons look.

    Well, then you'll love our Lockable Courier Delivery Box! It allows you to safely leave wet, grassy, muddy or dirty shoes outside your home.

    You can secure your delivery box with the 3-digit code, and provide the code, updating it regularly in your online courier instructions.

    The wooden Esky-sized box is designed to be bolted to your porch, verandah or front door area.

    It's finished in white with a Hamptons style crossbrace to complement your Hamptons style home and features a sloping roof to make the rain run off and protect the box's contents.

    You can also use it to leave packages for family members or friends collecting items from you.

    And it's handcrafted in Melbourne.