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Cutlery Malachite Handle Gold Metal 20-Piece Set

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When you want a luxury set of cutlery for your special events at home, you'll want to impress your friends and family with these!

Featuring forest green-coloured malachite resin handles on burnished gold stainless steel hardware, these knives, forks and spoons instantly elevate your anniversary, birthday or Christmas at home into something very special indeed.

Contemporary style malachite handled cutlery
The geometrically cut deep green resin malachite handles makes these so unusual and eye-catching and the gold flatware ensures glamour all day long whether you're serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or a late-night supper.

They're pleasingly solid too, making them comfortable to hold in your hand for an extended dinner.

The listing price includes:

  • 4 x malachite-handled gold entree forks
  • 4 x malachite-handled gold dinner forks
  • 4 x malachite-handled gold bread knives
  • 4 x malachite-handled gold dinner knives
  • 4 x malachite-handled gold dessert spoons

They make a fabulous housewarming or birthday present too, as they come secured in a black gift box.

This listing price is for 4 x gift-boxed sets of malachite cutlery in 5 pieces per box.

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