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Lamp Cordless Egg Colour Changing 19cm

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Create fun colour pops of light throughout your home with one or more of our space-age Jetsons-style cordless egg lamps.

They glow gently adding contemporary style, ambient lighting , making them a fun gift for your hard-to-impress teens.

Plug them into the wall or to your USB charging unit for up to 2-4 hours and you'll get them glowing for 7-9 hours which makes them a fun party lighting choice!

Program them to glow colours to match your decor
You can set them to cycle through 16 different colours or to program them via the remote control to remain on one particular colour to match your home -or party - colour decor scheme.

Each polyethylene egg lamp measures 19cm high x 14cm diameter.

This listing price is for 1 x 19cm cordless egg lamp. We have 20 available for immediate dispatch.

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