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    9 Ways To Afford Your Next Renovation or Revamp

    July 19, 2022 4 min read

    If you'd love to revamp your home decor or even more easily afford some of the items on your renovation list, here's nine ways in alphabetical order, some of which that you may never have considered.

    Birthday and Christmas gifts
    If friends and family are wracking their brains what to give you for your birthday or Christmas, don't waste their spending power this year on flowers, perfume or books.

    Use either or both of these two annual gift opportunities to let your loved ones know ahead of time you'd love them to help you create the home of your dreams - and send them links to the exact product/s online.

    No-one minds if they're shouting you a set of new DIY tools, bathroom taps, an online interior design consultation, a doormat or a fancy mailbox, if it's what you really need for your renovation or home revamp. In fact, they'll enjoy seeing it used every time they visit and it will remind you of them, too.

    Create a spreadsheet of what's important
    Create a spreadsheet with all elements needed for your renovation. Put in budgeted options for four columns: free/existing, low-cost, medium-quality, and high-end luxury for all elements. Adjust as necessary to meet your needs, wants and budget.

    For example, you might start your kitchen costing by deciding to keep the existing sink and ask for a microwave for your birthday (both "free"), pick up a reconditioned Thermomix, snap up an ex-display cooktop, buy a medium-quality rangehood on sale, get a cabinetmaker to create custom cabinetry, and install a high end catalytic cleaning oven.

    If you have more money to spend you might buy a mid-range cooktop at full cost and if your budget is lower, then spend less on the oven etc.

    Facebook marketplace
    The range of items that people have bought and have never opened out of the box because they haven't measured it, or it was an unwanted gift, or they're clearing out Nanna's estate, or having a closing-down sale is mind-boggling.

    It's  safer to purchase something directly from a vendor in your town or city, however.

    Flybuys points
    With nearly two years of lockdowns of which there were some advantages - and then the rush to go interstate and overseas once the restrictions eased - many people have been unable to cash in their frequent flyer or Flybuys points for flights and accommodation. And so those points are mounting up nicely...

    Did you know you can buy Bunnings gift cards with your Flybuys points?

    Then you can easily use those gift cards to pay for your hardware, paint, electricals, indoor and outdoor lighting, plants, landscaping supplies, doorware, bathroom fittings, kitchen accessories, home security products, power tools, heating and cooling, building supplies and timber.

    Or why not convert your Flybuys points into dollars you can spend on your home decorating shop at Target or Kmart? Currently 2,000 Flybuys points = $10. 

    Group purchase
    If you live in a tight-knit street where two or more of you are renovating at the same time, you might consider doing a group purchase. This is ideal if a) your street has a common theme ie Federation and/or b) you and your neighbour/s have similar decorating taste. 

    For example, you might join forces to buy picket fences, paving, new turf, or outdoor lights to help bring the purchase cost and delivery and installation fees.

    The group purchase idea also works if for example, you and your siblings are renovating at the same time, or if a few Mums in your mothers' group are overhauling the nursery and need to all buy cots and prams.

    Influencer gifts
    Are you one of the thousands of Australians chronicling the renovation of your home, holiday house or investment property on Instagram?

    If you have a healthy number of engaged followers, you may be able to parlay that into influencer status where you promote other companies' products which match your demographic's interest either for a fee, or at least free supply of the product in return for professional photos and social media tagging.

    For example, does your kitchen need new drawer handles? Simply arrange an official collaboration, take multiple shots and detail why your fans would love it and hey presto, you get fancy drawer handles at no charge.


    Sign up to a newsletter
    There are millions of websites selling homewares, furniture, lighting, hardware, kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, bedlinen, outdoor living - you name it. Virtually all websites will have a newsletter they'd love you to join.

    So set up a special email specifically for your home renovation or revamp project and sign up. Some will be on sale ALL THE TIME, others will offer regular renovating ideas while still others will offer early VIP access, notice about upcoming clearance sales or member-only offers.

    Wedding gift registry
    While you can always add a toaster to your wedding gift registry if you really want one (until 2019 there actually was an Australian gift registry called Not Another Toaster), by hand-picking the items you really want you can save yourselves the outlay.

    Depending on the price and item, your guests may buy you it outright, for example a rose quartz cheese platter, or join forces to buy it as a group gift, such as a floor lamp.

    Wholesale or volume discounts
    If you're a registered business with an ABN, and need to buy items in bulk, consider buying it wholesale or at least at volume discounts.

    This could be ideal if you, for example, need tens of metres of faux foliage wall to disguise your boundary fence, or if you're building a new home with five ensuites and need vanities for every bathroom.