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About Us

Want your guests to ooh and aah when they come over to your place?

You've come to the right place.

We know how much people want to impress their guests!

Brighton House Decor is the sister website to My Event Decor which sells, hires, sources and custom-makes event decor for corporate product launches, store openings, brand activations, charity galas, institutional open days, trade expos, festivals and business dinners.

It's not just corporate event designers who are seeking unusual, eye-catching decor to delight their guests! 

Under lockdown, we confirmed something you probably already know: people are super-keen to make their homes just as beautiful and intriguing to themselves, and to their special guests as a special event.

We hope we help you create delight in every corner.

Elizabeth Hollingsworth
Brighton House Decor Pty Ltd
6/15 Bent Street
Brighton VIC 3186
Ph: +61 414 229 338
ABN: 49 639 994 880