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    Why We've Quit Facebook

    October 09, 2022 1 min read

    Last week, we received notice that our personal Facebook account had somehow violated community guidelines and that we were impersonating someone.

    Despite attempting to prove our identity by uploading a photo and driver's licence to Facebook, our appeal was rejected.

    Simultaneously, our three business pages were fraudulently taken over.

    Our Brighton House Decor page on Facebook was hacked (see the Devanāgarī script on one of our posts), our wholesale Palatable Tea Towels page was diverted to a video site, and the My Event Decor Facebook page has been deleted.

    After checking the time and effort involved in attempting to reactivate our pages, we have decided against it.

    After checking our Google Analytics statistics, since launching Brighton House Decor in April 2021, Facebook has contributed 2.5% of all visits but only 0.8% of our sales, compared to our organic visits and sales generated (12.7% and 32.0% respectively) in the same period.

    While we really enjoyed helping respondents with relevant advice in the various home decor and business groups we belonged to, Facebook is a time-sucking rabbit-hole it is too easy to disappear down for any business.

    Facebook advertising for our launch last year resulted in acquiring unwanted, unengaged and we suspect, even fake followers so we didn't advertise again. 

    Facebook doesn't provide any customer service and so sadly, we have decided to no longer have a presence there.

    Our disengagement from Facebook removes one of our channels of communication, but if you like our business and want to keep in touch, please join our monthly email newsletter (the pop-up will show after 60 seconds).