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    5 Reasons To Buy Homewares in Bulk

    September 08, 2023 3 min read

    These days, with everyone being so busy, it really does pay to purchase homewares products in bulk. Here's 5 reasons why.

    1. Save money
    The biggest single reason to purchase decor, lighting and furniture in bulk is to save money. Homewares retailers such as Brighton House Decor, will give you volume discounts ranging from 10%-50% off if you buy several or more of one item. And if your homewares retailer doesn't offer you volume discounts from buying two, three, four or more of the same product - you can always ask - the total cost may take you over the free shipping threshold, meaning you won't get charged extra for delivery.

    Buying in bulk is also a clever way to tackle gift-giving. You may have, for example, your sister, a favourite work colleague and a good friend who all love to decorate in Hamptons style. So it would make financial sense to buy 3 sets of say, coral bookends, or ginger jar print cushion covers. You save yourself money getting a volume discount on something they’d like, and save time as well, being ready with a thoughtful gift for their birthday.

    2. Save time
    Buying items in bulk saves you time because you can tick an item off your to-do list by purchasing multiples of it. Say you were building a new four-bedroom home with an ensuite, two bathrooms and one powder room. Buying four stainless steel toilet roll holders in one go covers off this particular task. The same principle applies for things like pendant lights over the kitchen island countertop. You don't want to buy one at a time, but the necessary number at the same time to get the job done.

    3. Avoid disappointment
    Ever seen something you love, and you took too long to decide - and by the time you'd made your mind up to buy it, it was sold out? Buying items in bulk means you can relax you've got the products organised. When we renovated the original bathroom in our last house, we bought only one vanity. By the time we began renovating and wanted to buy a matching one for our ensuite, the retailer had closed down. Luckily the manufacturer was still in business and we were able to buy a second matching vanity.

    With the number of retailers going out of business, you might not be able to buy a second, third or fourth of the product you want if you don't buy it all at the same time.

    4. Avoid inconsistency
    If you like your decorative details to match, it will drive you crazy if you have products from different retailers that are kinda similar, but not the same. If symmetry and harmony matter to you, you'll want to buy at least two matching glass wall sconce lights, or four identical perspex drawer handles, or a pair of white Hamptons style planter boxes for your front door.

    5. Save the environment
    Imagine ordering one pair of trainers from Amazon one day. Another the next day. Another the day after that. And one more pair on the fourth day. This would result in four different deliveries which adds a lot more carbon monoxide to the air, not to mention countless more mileage, not to mention the potential frustration of missing the courier up to four times. By buying the same item in bulk, you have a better chance of it being delivered in one package on the same day by one courier.

    And on that note, look for retailers in your own city, especially ones like Brighton House Decor, who let you arrange free pickup from their premises. Not only will you obtain your order faster, you'll be kinder to the environment.