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    5 Ways to Keep Your Online Orders Safe

    September 22, 2023 3 min read

    If you order products online, you'll want to keep them safe when they get delivered by couriers. And when you start ordering more items than usual in the leadup to Christmas which is when opportunistic thieves are out in force, you'll need to take extra precautions. Here are 5 ways to keep your deliveries safe.

    1. Have deliveries sent to a business address
    If you, your partner or adult children work in a shop, office or business premises where someone is on site during business hours, get your orders sent there.  

    Not only will someone be there to sign for them - who hasn't nipped out to the shops to discover they missed the courier by minutes?! - but also, and even more helpful to know, it can be cheaper too. Many online retailers charge you more for deliveries to residential addresses if your item is longer than 102cm and heavier than 16kg. If it's an oversize package, they can't use Australia Post and must use courier companies.

    Most courier companies now charge $125 as a flat rate for residential deliveries which will be passed on to you via much higher shipping fees. Save yourself money and missed deliveries getting it delivered to a work address. Note: a business address does not include working from home - and online retailers will check your location prior to finalising your order.

    2. Get an Australia Post Parcel Locker
    If you do shiftwork and are not usually awake during business hours, apply for a Parcel Locker through Australia Post. It's free to use, and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    Unlike a PO Box, a Parcel Locker is yours only while your parcel is in it. The one-time PIN sent to you via SMS or email opens your chosen locker. If you don't collect it within 48 hours your parcel will be sent to the nearest post office.

    You can register for multiple Parcel Lockers at locations convenient to you. There are over 650 locations nationwide, including at selected train stations, petrol stations and Woolworths stores.

    However, keep in mind Parcel Lockers will only accept parcels up to 16kg and no larger than 39 x 36 x 64cm in size so take that into account when ordering items online.

    3. Use video surveillance
    Ever had a courier swear black and blue they delivered your order, but there's nothing there? Safeguard your orders by installing video surveillance. Ring is one of the most popular wireless video doorbell products, allowing you to monitor your front door in real time. However, as they work 24 hours a day, in real time, they use up a lot of bandwidth so they may slow down your internet connection. 

    4. Make friends with your nosy neighbour
    Let's be honest, every street has one. They're typically older, usually retired, and can be seen flicking their curtains, spying on what's happening in the street. They'll definitely be looking out the window when the courier van pulls up, curious to see what is being delivered.

    As annoyingly intrusive as they can be, what they want more than anything is to be considered valuable and important. If you entrust them with accepting delivery for your items when you know you'll be unable to be at home, they'll be thrilled they have a job to do and they'll do it damn well. You may just need to give them a little gift to say thank you for accepting your deliveries.

    5. Use a lockable courier delivery box
    Many people now install a lockable courier delivery box in their gate, allowing couriers to use the code provided and pop their order in the delivery box. However the standard delivery mailboxes aren't much bigger than a shoebox, which limits how much can be delivered.

    You may want to consider something larger, like our Hamptons-style white wooden lockable courier delivery box. It measures 31cm high at the front and 41cm high at the back, 60cm wide and 35cm deep. It can also double as a neat way to store muddy sports shoes at your front door!

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