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    7 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom For Under $800

    May 27, 2023 2 min read

    If your bathroom needs a bit of an update but your budget doesn’t allow for a full renovation, here’s seven options to consider giving the smallest room in your home a refresh beyond buying colourful new towels, bath mats and hand towels.

    Toilet roll holder
    Why not consider replacing your basic stainless steel toilet roll holder with one that includes a built-in shelf for your mobile phone.

    We all know someone who’s accidentally dropped their phone in the toilet while in the bathroom – and let’s face it, just about everyone reads and scrolls through their mobile here.

    Save a First World disaster of the dropped-phone-in-the-toilet with one in matt black orstainless steel. Why not buy a few to upgrade all your bathrooms and powder rooms. $15.

    Vanity drawer handle
    Upgrade your vanity drawer handles from the stock-standard, non-descript metal ones issued with your bathroom vanity to those with a touch of luxurious glamour.

    Our slim, clear lucite drawer handles with gold hardware measure 252mm wide in total with the space between screw holes measuring 192mm. Set of 2 drawer handles, $50.

    Most people have mirrored bathroom cabinets or at least a plain mirror, but they don’t tend to complement your decorative style.

    If you have a Hamptons style home, a porthole mirror gently complements your coastal themeing in an unexpected way, and if you place it opposite your existing mirror, it offers you a handy way to check and finesse your hairstyle from behind. $129.

    Display tray
    An instant, easy to way to neaten up your bathroom vanity is to corral your perfumes, or jewellery, or favourite cosmetics in a pretty tray.

    An alternative to the ubiquitous mirrored tray is to use a stunning, natural rose quartz platter edged in gold electroplating. It’s unexpected and adds a textural pop of instant pink glamour to any vanity. $199.

    Wall sconce lights
    It’s a fact. Harsh, cool white fluorescent lighting tubes make anyone look 10-20 years older and give your bathroom all the charm of a dental surgery clinic.

    Give yourself a boost by installing one of the most flattering lighting options: wall sconce lights which add a soft lighting effect upwards.

    If your home includes coastal accents or Hamptons style, you’ll love our clear glass clam shell wall sconce light which provide a witty beach-themed detail your eagle-eyed guests will appreciate. $259.

    Faux florals
    If you’re a blackthumb with a notorious talent for killing leafy foliage – even the types that love steamy atmospheres such as soft fluffy green maidenhair ferns – your best bet will be investing in elegant faux florals to beautify your bathroom.

    Depending on the size of your bathroom vanity, a potted faux orchid that you never need to remember to water, makes for a real showstopper, decorwise.

    Bathroom storage
    It’s a rare bathroom that offers sufficient storage for all your beauty and body care cosmetics, accessories and appliances – or even an elegant way to store bath towels and/or toilet paper.

    One option is to invest in a separate display shelving unit, such as a wide white rattan two-shelf shelving unit which will complement your home’s pale neutral, coastal style while offering essential extra storage.